HLAG & Library Current & Seasonal Events

Black History Month (October 2017, various days)

  • Anansi Spider craft event – Tuesday 3rd October 2017, 11am-12pm
  • Make an African head dress – Tuesday 10th October 2017, 11am-12pm
  • African dot painting – Tuesday 17th October 2017, 11am-12pm
  • Sing & Rhyme session (Afro-Caribbean tales) – Wednesday 18th October 2017, 11am-12pm
  • Film Screening: ‘Hidden Figures’ (2016) – Saturday 21st October 2017, 2-4pm (adult event)
  • Make an African necklace – Tuesday 24th October 2017, 11am-12pm
  • African Art Colouring party – Tuesday 31st October 2017, 11am-12pm
  • Throughout Black History Month, we’ll also have many relevant books on display and available to borrow.

Wall Top Booksale (Saturday 7th October 2017, from 2pm)
Lots of withdrawn library books available, making way for new stock. Come for bargains. We always appreciate new discards from our members, so if you have any please bring them into the Library during the weeks before the sale.
Work on the Woodland Garden (Saturday 21st October 2017, Saturday 18th November 2017, 10am both days)
Sarah Wrightson and her crew will be trimming, chopping and weeding to make the garden ready for hibernation over the winter. During this year’s campaigning and debate, the garden was repeatedly cited as one of Highgate Library’s major assets. It’s certainly one of HLAG’s proudest achievements, ever since we first set it up in 2009. Please consider volunteering to help keep it useable and beautiful. Email HLAG or contact the librarians to put yourself on the list.
Pumpkin Party (Saturday 28th October 2017, 2pm)
A much-loved and well-established annual family event. We expect the usual crowd of enthusiastic children parents, carers and friends. Although Sainsbury’s kindly gives us a bulk discount on pumpkins, any donations will be welcome on the day.
Cake Club (Saturday 11th November 2017, 2pm-3pm)
Bring along your cakes or biscuits, your recipes for sharing, and any problems or baking conundrums to discuss.