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Contact Or Join Highgate Library Action Group

Any library user is a member. All we need is this membership form and a contribution.

The basic fee is £1 for each family member but any donations are also welcomed.

Bring your membership form to the library and our membership secretary will record it.

HLAG MEMBERSHIP 2017 NAME:__________________________________________________________




Membership fee: £_______ Donation:£_______

Tick here if you require a receipt: _____

Deliver to:
MEmbership Secretary: Highgate Library 1 Shepherds Hill London N6


2 Responses to Contact & Join

  1. Lawrence Simanowitz says:

    Hello – I have been a member of HLAG in the past though suspect my subscription may have lapsed (and am happy to renew it). My daughter (age nearly 15) has to spend an hour two a week volunteering over a period of at least three months. As we live nearby and she is an avid reader and long term member of the library she is wondering whether there would be an opportunity for her to volunteer there. I would be very grateful if you could help with this in any way. Many thanks,

    Lawrence Simanowitz

    • Lawrence Simanowitz says:

      On rereading this I realise I have not mentioned that this is part of her DofE award.

      Thanks again, Lawrence

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