About HLAG

>About Highgate Library Action Group

Highgate Library Action Group has been supporting Highgate Library on Shepherds Hill since 1988, when it was first threatened by closure. Our library will be in danger again in the future, because of the continuing economic crisis.

The library needs you to come in and use it. If you do not, there is a good chance that cost-cutters in Haringey will see it as a prime candidate for closure.

Local libraries need visitors who take out books, DVDs and CDs. Libraries with low footfall and issue figures are the targets for budget cuts. A local library (like ours) is used 90% by local people – so it is local residents, walking from home, who need to visit most regularly. Their visits sustain the library’s existence. If they don’t visit, and the library is closed, people who cannot get to other libraries without bus rides or long walks will suffer as well.

HLAG members care about our little library. Our membership dues and fundraising activities support our efforts. We work closely with our librarians to offer extra services for free.


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