About Highgate Library

Highgate Library is a purpose-built building opened in 1902 on a site previously used as a Priory. It is practically on top of Highgate Station (Northern Line) and enjoys woodland views on two sides. Shepherds Hill links Highgate with Crouch End and is the major east/west route for traffic. The Archway Road is nearby (with bus routes 263, 134 and 43) so the location is very convenient for many people.

The library was completely renovated in 2002, and the Edwardian features were highlighted as the children’s library moved to the sunny front space.

The small book produced at that time, A CENTURY OF SERVICE, gives the full story and is still available to purchase (for £5) at the library. It is fully illustrated.

Rooms upstairs, originally a flat for the Assistant Librarian, are now used for classes, study and meetings.

There is a small peaceful garden in the back of the building, created by HLAG in 2009 through grants from the council and the Big Lottery Fund.


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