Summary of meeting held on Tues 21st January 2014

  1. Previous Meeting (10.9.13): Minutes Agreed.
  2. 2.    Matters Arising:

2.1  Pumpkin Party was a great success, with queues and people having to be turned away!  Proceeds covered the expenses.

2.2  Neighbourhood Forum proposals was discussed.

2.3  Strip flooring: this has been repaired.

2.4  Floor Rug for Toddlers: bought by the Library.

 3.    Officers Reports:

3.1  There was a finance report .

3.2  New Head of Libraries (Interim) Mr David Murray, has been appointed.

3.3  Haringey’s Library Review: Surveys to be returned by 22/1/14. Focus groups will be followed by a Report for Councillors.  We expect a positive Report, but will this be enough to prevent further cuts, let alone more investment?  

 4.    Events-

4.1  World Book Night 23rd April.

4.2  AGM: After local elections on 22.5.14- say week commencing the 1st June? Ideas for speaker wanted.

4.3  Fair in the Square 14th June: bookstall as usual?

4.4  Childrens Summer party agreed prov. Sat 19th /26th July.  Theme & volunteers?

 5 Publicity Leaflet:

5.1  It was agreed to use current draft with a picture. Mock up and quotes needed for committee approval.  

 6.    Report from FORE:

6.1  FORE is an umbrella group for library supporter groups in Haringey. This has become reactivated due to Haringey’s Library Review.

 7.    Website & Blog:

7.1  M O’C has updated this:  To go in next newsletter.  Facebook users, please pass to your ‘Friends’!

 8.    AOB:

8.1  First Flr Lettings: This was discussed.

8.2  Garden Working party: In hibernation- will recommence in March.

8.3  New member of staff: Robert replaces Laurie at the desk.


9. Next Committee on Tuesday 18th March @ 8pm 


About s1bc

Chairman of library support group and chief blogger. Active library user since childhood and beyond. Book devourer. Grandparent and pensioner. Fighter for libraries.
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