Flying Colours – Illustration with Jane Ray – June 8th 10.30 am

Flying Colours is the third and final event of the Highgate Library Children’s Literature Festival.  Unlike the other two events, this one takes place in the morning, not the afternoon. Start is 10.30.

Outstanding illustrator Jane Ray will lead an interactive workshop inspired by her current project which is illustrating  Hummingbird by Nicola Davies.  Children can expect an opportunity to paint birds and flowers among other things.

Price £5/family.

As before, there will be face painting, live music and refreshments.



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Storytelling for Children – May 18th, 2pm

On Saturday May 18th at 2pm, charismatic actress and storyteller Nell Phoenix will lead a storytelling event. Recommended age 4+.

Nell is a London-based professional storyteller with a global reputation.

Price £5/family.   There will also be live music, face painting and refreshments.

This is the second event in the Highgate Library Children’s Literature Festival.


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Joshua Seigal – Saturday April 27th, 2pm

This is the first event of three of the Highgate Library Children’s Literature Festival.

Saturday April 27th at 2 pm award-winning children’s poet Joshua Seigal will lead a poetry reading and writing event for children.  Age recommendation 4+.

There will be refreshments, face painting and live music.

Price is £5 per family.                                “Magic”  – Michael Rosen


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Spring Children’s Literature Festival

We will be putting on a children’s literature festival, spread through Spring.

It will consist of three events, each starting at 2pm on a Saturday.  There will be one in each of April, May and June.  They will happen at the library.

Dates are  April 27, May 18, June 8.

More details to follow.


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Proust Group

In 2017 HLAG created a reading group devoted to Proust’s seven volume masterpiece Remembrance of Things Past. It meets monthly on Saturdays in the library, and has just started volume four.

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Welcome To Christmas December 15th 2pm

On Saturday December 15th there will be a Welcome to Christmas event at the library.

Time 2 pm – 4 pm.

There will be live Christmas music, readings, and a craft table.

The even will be especially enjoyed by children 2 – 10 but really it’s good for everyone.

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Pumpkin Party Sat Oct 27th, 2pm

The traditional annual pumpkin carving event will be taking place at the library this coming Saturday (October 27th) , 2pm – 4pm.

Pumpkins will be available to carve. However if you have your own one, do bring it.

This is a fun, informal, drop-in event.  It is suitable for children of all ages.

It gives children who might not have experience of pumpkin carving the chance to give it a go, with supervision available from some old hands.

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Children’s Party – 14th July 2pm

Our Lost In Space party will take place at the library on Saturday 14th July 2pm – 4pm. It will feature story readings and a rocket. Children of all ages are welcome.

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AGM – Report by Chairman

It has been a very unusual year. Most of it was spent in fighting to clarify the ‘feasibility’ of Haringey’s plan to move our library out of our building–co-locating in a new space in Jacksons Lane Community Centre. It was not a happy time for library supporters or staff . This was complicated by unnecessary infighting amongst supporters until the point when the council jumped the gun on the decision in Cabinet and united us all.

When the dust cleared and the scheme was found to be unfeasible, we discovered that the community was confused as to whether there was a library here at all and if it would stay. Visits and issues dropped and spirits drooped.

It was then that we realised afresh what strength there was and is in our team of librarians –Devi and Irene and the part-timers Andrew, Amanda, and the rest. Not only had they fielded constant questions about the co-location from puzzled users but they had also kept all the library activities going and constantly planned new ones. They have been front-line workers and largely unreported stars in the fight for the best library services possible—we salute them .

HLAG kept going with happy events like our Garden Party for SuperHeros and our annual Pumpkin Party – despite a failure by Sainsburys to honour our order for pumpkins. We also had a very successful art workshop for kids with Jane Ray and recently an evening of reminiscences with Annabel Leverton. And we have a presence at Fair in the Square. CityRead 2018 promoted a workshop in conjunction with Holloway Art Lending Library –writing about a picture– which was extremely entertaining. See the results on their website,



Yet our committee marches on, making plans, hoping for change, keeping things moving, cooperating with other supporters. There is such a positive spirit in our group that it gives us all hope for the future of Highgate library. We always need more people to bring new ideas and challenges so please don’t be shy about asking to join us.

What is ahead? It is up to you! We have plans to continue our pattern of events and also to establish a Childrens Literature festival with talks, workshops and displays throughout the year. It will be focused mainly on Tots to Tens in 2018/9 — the opportunities are exciting and challenging. Let us know if you want to take part!

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The annual general meeting of the Highgate Library Action Group took place at the library May 22nd at 7.15.

At was well attended and featured a fascinating talk on the history of libraries.

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